Bathroom Remodel Cost: 4 Simple Ways To Lower Your Costs

Reducing the cost of your bathroom seems impossible. At least, that’s what most popular home remodeling groups are making it to be. But you can lower the average bathroom remodel cost to fit any reasonable budget. The first step is to neglect the notion that you can’t reduce your bathroom remodelling cost. Only then can you find a solution to the bathroom cost reduction problem. 

When it comes to remodelling the kitchen, there is a broad range of designs and costs, which makes it challenging to know where to reduce costs. And also, the options available for you to decide.

But there is a way to limit your bathroom remodel cost without necessarily destroying the function and style. Sometimes, however, you may need to make some compromises.

In this guide, we’ll outline ways through which you can lower the bathroom remodel cost, while at the same time, creating a bathroom space that satisfies your requirements. In the end, you’ll create a bathroom that’s cost-effective, stylish, and functional. 

Let’s get into it.

Determine The General Bathroom Remodel Cost

Before you search for the designers, remodelling contractors, retailers, and even handymen for your bathroom remodel, you have to research to come up with a general idea of the bathroom cost. The average bathroom remodel cost can be between $8,000-$10,000 in terms of materials. That is, the sink, bathtub, new toilet, countertop, etc. 

While drawing your budget, it’ll be necessary to learn the average cost of the bathroom remodels. With that, you can customize to suit the size of the shower, location, and the intensity of the home remodelling. So here are the average costs:

  • The overall remodelling cost of the bathroom should not extend beyond 5% to 10% of the total value of the home. The total price should also include both installation and materials.
  • According to the NKBA, the average price for remodelling a bathroom should be about $16,000.
  • You should take about 23 days to demolish and remodel a small bathroom. However, take note that the time length will be different depending on the extent of the bathroom remodelling.

Determine Your Preferences For Design And Find Their Cost

bathroom remodel cost

When it comes to the cost involved in bathroom remodelling, it can significantly increase when there’s a huge design change. An example is moving important fixtures to another position. Relocating the toilet or sink requires immense construction.

According to some estimates, moving the toilet on foot away from the original position can cost around $1,000. If you can fix an offset flange and purchase a few inches of double vanity, you’ll only incur a cost of about $10. Of course, a professional can assist you with the installation.

If you have experience with bathroom remodelling and want to take on the task, you can reduce the cost by completing some of the projects. For example, you can install a vanity mirror or the shower tile yourself, the same way as the professionals would do.

If you have certain bathroom remodeling ideas in mind, you may save money. If you prefer heated floors in your bathroom, for example, you can reserve thousands of dollars when you install electric radiant floor heat rather than hydronic systems. But you have to consider your options first before you order to make sure it’s compatible.

Research The Materials To Ensure It’s Functionality

Before you make your design decisions on the bathroom remodelling materials, you need to conduct background research. For instance, if you have a floor tile in mind, ensure that it’s durable for flooring, that is grade one or two, and not specifically made for walls, that is, thinner grade three.

It’s advisable to avoid wood floors in the bathroom where water can soak the floor. You can opt for tile floors that have a 0.60 COF rating or higher. It would help if you also considered the water absorption rate of the tile. If the water absorption rate is low, it means less water will leak through the floor tile.

Search for a rating of less than 7% for the floor tiles, and the shower floor tile should be less than 3%. You can save money when you paint the bathroom ceiling and walls with basic interior paint. However, buying costly specific paint for the bathroom can increase your expenses.

Consumer Report Analysis

A research carried out by ConsumerReports.org showed that there is enough mildew resistance in regular interior paint. Semi-gloss or satin will last longer with scrubbing. Again, if you want to reduce cost, you can do some of them yourself after researching for the best materials.

So if you want to install a bathroom mirror, you can cut the mirror to the required specifications from a glass shop and fix it yourself using advanced adhesive. You can also hire a handyman to help you out. They are cost-effective compared to professional contractors. However, if adding a handyman will increase the budget significantly, then consider doing it yourself.

If you find quality, cost-effective materials in your research, you can reduce your costs and limit the frustrations that come with high priced materials. If the materials are a bit more expensive, you can consider it as saving costs because the material will last for many years.

Plan Your Fixtures

average bathroom remodel cost

If the average bathroom remodel cost is highly expensive, it doesn’t mean yours has to be the same. One way to reduce the home remodeling cost is to leave some part of the bathroom untouched. It would be best if you decided which fixtures need cleaning up, improvement, or complete replacement. 

Deciding on these points (and several other points) can considerably reduce the cost of the bathroom remodelling. For example, the average cost of installing a shower can cost around $3,000. So you can decide whether to buy a new one or improve the old shower.

Also, you may not need a new toilet but a new sink faucet. The cost of ordering and installing a new toilet can be around $350. Double vanities are quite popular nowadays for bathroom remodels.

So if you need one, you can go ahead and order. You can reimburse the costs later. But don’t break into the wall to install it. Use other cost-effective means which can give you the same convenience, such as wall-mounted bathroom faucets.


As you can see from the guide, there are numerous ways to lower the cost of your bathroom remodel. Always remember to remodel the bathroom only when you need to. Some homeowners remodel their bathroom only to keep up with the current trends. 

While there’s nothing wrong with it, we recommend that you only go ahead only if you have that much money to spare. If not, you should consider your bathroom remodel cost and refrain from such trends. Even though you can fix some of the bathroom areas that need fixing, it’s important to note that improper fixtures can cause severe damages. That can increase the overall cost of the bathroom remodelling. If you’re having a challenge, you should contact a handyman to save cost or contact a professional.

Always remember to remodel your bathroom only when it’s necessary. If you are facing any challenge with your remodelling, contact us, and we’ll gladly assist you.