American Home Remodeling: How To Find The Best Contractor

Finding an experienced, honest, and trustworthy contractor can seem impossible. Trust us; we are well aware. Breaking down walls, fixing new floor tiles, and replacing kitchen cabinets is less work compared to finding the best contractor for American home remodeling.

There are also numerous stories of how terrible contractors tore up the living room and was never seen again. And other experiences such as the home remodeling cost exceeding three times the contractor’s initial estimate. Even when you have the right contractor, the American home remodeling can be costly, expensive, and full of unwanted circumstances such as bad electrical wiring.  

However, with all these issues, you can still find excellent and reliable contractors to help in your home remodeling. But, you have to be always on the lookout because there will always be some contractors who will try to scam you, and run away with your money.

So, how can you find a contractor with a good track record, reputable background, and can get the job done? That’s the purpose of this guide. The information entailed in this guide can determine the difference between sleepless nights and a place to call home.

Let’s get into it.

Don’t Hire A Contractor For A Handy Man’s Work In American Home Remodeling

Do you need a contractor for your project or a handyman? There are home remodeling projects that are simple to complete, while others are extensively complex. Some remodeling projects need detailed knowledge and certifications from accredited authorities. These kinds of projects will require a contractor.

However, some people can handle simple projects like installing a ceiling fan or fixing a leaking pipe under the kitchen sink. These projects will need a handyman, and the cost involved is usually less expensive than a contractor.

Here’s how to find out whether to hire a contractor or a handyman.


A handyman usually helps with common home repairs and projects that need regular maintenance such as:

  • Sink replacement,
  • Installation of new toilets,
  •  Painting,
  • Floor replacement,
  • Cleaning gutters, etc. 

Even though you don’t necessarily need to have the expert knowledge to work on these projects, it’s still important to do a correct job. For example, a poorly done job on repairing drywall can cause more issues, even after repair.


American home remodeling

Contractors are more qualified for big projects that need a permit and expert knowledge. You can group these experts into two categories: contractors and general contractors.

General Contractors

General contractors are mostly managers for larger home remodeling projects. They hire subcontractors to complete specific tasks such as rewiring your home, plumbing installation, etc. The general contractors ensure that all projects are on schedule and completed on time, filing all permits, and making sure they remain on the budget estimated.

You can hire them for projects such as:


Contractors have an in-depth skill and have a license to work individually with different general contractors and agencies. You can hire contractors for projects like:

  • Rewiring your house
  • Installation of doors and windows
  • Masonry
  •  Installation of an HVAC unit
  • Installation of water heaters
  • Plumbing replacement

Usually, you should hire a general contractor when:

  • The project will take over a week to complete
  • If the project needs various professionals to complete
  • When you need a permit to start the job

However, if your project doesn’t require all the listed points above, you can hire a regular contractor or handyman. Also, you can use American home remodeling reviews to find the right contractor for your project.

The Cost Involved In American Home Remodeling

The cost contractors quote relies on several factors, such as the project type, the cost of materials, and your location. We can’t give you an average price because the difference between each project is too broad.

For example, you will need a general contractor to remodel your home. The contractor will also recruit subcontractors such as electricians. The project cost will depend on how big the project is, and the average rate per hour for each subcontractor. However, that’s even not fixed because that will also depend on your location. 

Here are some of the average rate per hour or job for contractors:

Contactors Average Rate Per Hour/Job
Electrician $50-$100 / hr
Tile or stone setting expert$863-$2,681 / job
Roof expertAround $7,524 / job
HVAC repairAround $284 / job
HVAC installationAround $4,274 / job
Plumber $45-$200 / hr
Window installation expert Around $5,274 / job
External house painter (professional)Around $2,803 / job

It’s simple to estimate for small home remodeling projects that will require a handyman. The cost you’ll incur when you hire a handy will be from $178 to $650, across the country. Again, to be on a safer side, always check American home remodeling reviews to find out what others are saying about a contractor.

How To Find The Best Contractor

Searching for the best contractor needs more legwork. But if you follow through with our steps, your hard work will pay off.

Do Your Research

The best place to start searching is on the internet. Search for American home remodeling reviews to find out what people are saying about a contractor. Use the information to come up with a list of contractors and narrow it down to three contractors. That means, you need to make sure the reviews are from verified people.

After you select your three top-rated contractors, call them, and follow the next point below.

Make Sure The Contractors Have A License Number

American home remodeling

After you select your top three contractors, call and verify if they have their license number and Certificate Of Insurance (COI). Every contractor is required to have a license for their business and insurance coverage, despite the state.

The license number will help you know if they are legally approved to conduct business. You can find out through your local municipality. Don’t forget to check the contractor’s insurance policy. However, remember that a business license is different from a contractor’s license. Each municipality, state, and city has different conditions for licensing contractors. 

Contact us to find out your state’s specific requirements. That way, you can know which licenses to expect from a contractor. You can significantly increase your chance of working with a legitimate and excellent contractor. 

Ask Questions

When you meet your contractor, you should have lists of questions prepared to help you make your final decision. Some of the questions you can ask are:

  • How long the contractor has been working
  • Which local trade association does the contractor belong to?
  •  Do they have current references you can check out?
  • Are they currently on other projects?
  • Do they have a timeline for your project?

Try as much as possible to cover all grounds so that you can make an informed decision.

Ask Contractors To Provide You An Itemized Bid

The itemized bid will provide you with every information on your project and the cost involved. It’ll help you and the contractor to remain on the budget. If the contractor’s initial bid is expensive, you can alter your project to fit the budget. Here’s an example: you can decide to hire a handyman to reduce costs.

Look Out For These Red Flags

Many unqualified and fraudulent contractors can come along, so you need to be on high alert. Usually, you should be cautious of contractors who come to your house to appeal for work. Good contractors will not use that approach. Even if they want to appeal to you, they can do it properly, such as through their websites.

Furthermore, be careful of contractors that ask you to acquire a permit. Good contractors take the responsibility of obtaining every necessary license. You don’t have to do anything. Don’t work with contractors who ask you to get a permit.

Finally, don’t accept a contractor who wants part of the money they quoted upfront. And if the contractor’s bid is very low, take caution. It’s a sign of a red flag.


Remodeling your home comes with its frustrations. You don’t need a contractor who’s unreliable to add to your frustrations. Searching for the best contractor is a lot of work that requires proper research and time.

We recommend that you take the stress to find a reliable, honest, and professional contractor. If you need help in any American home remodeling project, we can assist you. Call us right now to get a free quote today: 1-800-995-3959.